• Madelange Laroche

Wedding Gown Styles - The Best Style For Your Body Type

Finding the perfect wedding dress for your wedding day can be a thrilling but difficult job. It is your dream to look stunning and elegant in a memorable gown when you take the aisle.

Even if you have a specific style of gown in your mind, you have be aware that certain styles of wedding dresses are best suited to certain bodies. Certain bridal gowns highlight specific parts of the body while others conceal specific body areas.

Here are some body types and wedding gown designs that work best for each figure:

1. Petite. Wedding dresses with a waistline higher than natural waistline can make the lower portion that is the skirt appear larger. This silhouette can be a beautiful bridal gown design for brides who are petite. The trumpet silhouette looks great on petite women. The trumpet silhouette is a striking cut that is perfect for a wedding dress.

Be aware that wedding gowns that have very long skirts may make small women appear fat.

2. Full-Figured. If you're a bride with a full figure one of the most sought-after wedding dress styles can be the silhouette of an A-line. As we mentioned previously the A-line silhouette is able to make the body appear longer. It also helps keep the focus at the waistline.

Another fantastic dress option for a bride with a full figure can be the Empire waist. The slimmest portion of the empire waist dress is just above the waist. This shape can hide your waist as well as your hips.

You don't have to cover your entire body because you're a full-figured woman. Most of the time showing your neck and arms could make your appearance more slimmer. Wedding gowns with scoop necks and deep necklines look fantastic on brides with full-figured figures.

3. Bottom-Heavy. Brides who are fuller in the buttocks and hip areas, look for wedding dresses that feature full skirts, and focus on the upper part of your body. You can show off your shoulders, your bustline and back.

You might want to consider the wedding dress that has a corset bodices. If you're a bride with this shape avoid wedding dresses that have pleats.

4. Busty. If you're one of the brides with a full bustline, then you may want to think about an off-the-shoulder wedding dress. This style reduces the chest and emphasizes one's shoulders.

If you'd like to purchase an outfit that is strapless, pick one with the sweetheart neckline, or something like it. A strapless dress featuring a straight neckline could make your waist appear bigger.

You might also choose a wedding dress with the scooped neckline. The neckline will draw the attention to your face and not display excessiveness of your cleavage.

It is vital to select a wedding dress that is appropriate to your body. I hope this article will help you select the ideal wedding dress style that fits your body style. You'll look more beautiful at your special day if wear a dress that is perfect for you.

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